Elana's journey into the insurance industry is quite unique and actually begins in her mother’s womb. The legacy story includes her mother, Sheri, obtaining an insurance license while pregnant with Elana, perhaps influencing her connection with the field. Proudly, Elana represents the third generation in her family to embark on a career in insurance.

Elana's professional background in Visual Effects and extensive experience in digital marketing and TV production in San Francisco and Chicago adds a diverse dimension to her skills. The decision to shift priorities during the global pandemic and join the family business reflects her adaptability and willingness to embrace new opportunities.

As a fully licensed insurance broker with expertise in life, long-term care, and under age 65 health and dental insurance, Elana has carved out her niche in the industry. Her commitment to helping people and gratitude for the opportunity to make a positive impact is evident.

Outside of her professional life, Elana is a wife and mother of three, with the latest addition to the family arriving in June 2022. Their household includes a black lab mix. Elana's interests in reading, cooking, exercise that showcase a well-rounded individual who values both physical and mental well-being.

The prospect of having more time for hobbies in the future highlights her aspirations beyond the professional realm. Overall, Elana's story is a testament to adaptability, passion for helping others, and a diverse set of skills that contribute to her success in the insurance industry.