Horizon Benefit Services provides you with a wide array of products and services from a variety of respected insurance and benefits providers. We are committed to listening to your needs and recommending the insurance products and services that will best meet those needs. We provide unbiased perspective and guidance on the Health Insurance landscape, helping you compare plan options and costs, and make an informed decision. We are passionate about helping you understand and navigate a complex landscape and providing unparalleled care and service.

When you use our FREE Links to shop, you will be able to estimate your subsidy, get pricing on and off the exchange, compare options, look up providers, and apply online at your leisure. The cost is the same to you, whether you use our enrollment link or enroll directly with the insurance company. Our agency is contracted with insurance companies that allow us to represent their products. Enrolling through Horizon Benefit Services means we can help you when issues arise.

If you would like a thorough consultation, we can help with this too! We offer an affordable consultative level of service that includes:

    1. Information on the health insurance landscape and your health insurance options; and
    2. Premium Tax Credit and Cost-Sharing Reduction planning and strategy; and
    3. Reviewing plan options and an explanation of the health insurance landscape; and
    4. Looking up doctors and hospitals to determine if they are in-network; and
    5. Advice on how to effectively navigate your health insurance plan; and
    6. Up to 60 minutes of consultation and service throughout the year: and
    7. Enrollment assistance and oversight of application process